OK so let me explain how things have panned out since I started this journey.. actually not journey…. let me say voyage. Yes, voyage.. (sounds much more dangerous)

So.. as I was saying, since I began this voyage to become a performance poet, I have found who I know to become very very useful. For two main reasons.

Firstly, when you meet someone new, you get to share your work and get feedback on it. As well as that, its a good opportunity to get advice, especially from people who have been performance poets for long periods of time so that they can pass down their knowledge to you.

Secondly. When you meet a new poet, sometimes, (I’m not guaranteeing it will always happen so please don’t quote me on this) but most of the time, they will introduce you to someone or something new.

So this is how it’s been for me.. I first met Annie McGann, as a lecturer at my University, who then introduced me to Lucy English (who you’ve been introduced to already). Lucy English became my mentor for Creative Enterprise Project at University  and she introduced me to Jack Dean, who is also a performance poet from my university. She also introduced me to Apples and Snakes (who you’ve also heard about) and Poetry Can (they should also sound familiar). I spoke with Pete Hunter who is a co-ordinator for Apples and Snakes and he introduced me to Gina Sherman (the co-ordinator for Apples and Snakes south west). I met a friend in a class called Claire Holmes, and she introduced me to Sally Jenkinson and Rebecca Tantony. I had the priviledge of meeting Inua Ellams and the David J! Through Sally Jenkinson, I had my first performance in the open mike she hosts alongside Liz Greenfield… and it goes on and on. Still meeting new people, getting new advice and more chances to perform. This also enables me to promote myself as a performance poet. (Wow, that was longer than I thought it would be, remind me to just do a diagram next time).

So why not add to your phone book today and meet someone new! But be careful, don’t just talk to any random stranger claiming to be a  poet! Do your research!


Its all love and poetry


About @Real_Kay

3rd year student at Bath Spa..starting out as a performance poet!!

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